Meet Alejandra


Hello there!  I am Alejandra, founder of MARK WITH A SPARK.

I come from generations of crafty moms who love personalizing everything, from home decor to hosting (even if it’s just milk and cookies with the neighborhood kids).  Our hand towels were monogrammed, and birthday parties always had accents you couldn’t find at a local party store.  I realized how much I had this embedded in my DNA after my wedding day, when my favorite gifts were those that came personalized with the “PS” initials that allowed me to show off my new last name! 

Having come from this background, I opened an events business in Panama City, Panama.  Lucky for me, my husband's design firm had a laser cutter at the time.  I quickly became his #1 customer as the possibilities to personalize decor items for each event were endless on the machine.  In 2014 our family moved to the lovely New York.  This is where I decided to use my event styling and creativity skills, with my knowledge of the laser cutter, to create MARK WITH A SPARK.  I wanted the opportunity to continue creating personalized items and see how others use them in their lives, whether as decor items or as gifts.

​I am a mother of 2 mini-humans, wife of a diplomat, entrepreneur and waiting to create something special for YOU!